Zero Point Generators

Zero point energy is really a theory from quantum physics. With out advanced experience in this area it can be hard to understand but it is effectively the lowest possible energy that a quantum automated physical machine might possess.

So why might a theory posed by Einstein in 1913 be of benefit and does it hold any real applications?

Free Energy

The zero point energy of a vacuum is said to be unlimited. This consequently opens up plenty opportunities if this force can in some manner be harnessed. Even if you may just calculate the needed conditions then large amounts of power might still be collected.

The Search For Zero Point

Numerous eminent and well known scientists believe that zero point will be a better solution towards the looming worldwide energy predicament. One such person is Nick Cook, aviation journalist and former editor from the well known international defence journal, Jane’s Defence Weekly.

Cook is well known for his familiarity with military black projects. He has spent 10 years studing anti- gravity products that is based on zero point energy. Whilst lots of the general public may laugh and scoff at the thought of obtaining large amounts of free energy, governments everywhere are currently taking this idea much more seriously.

Cook has observed reputable proof showing that world governments have been attempting to produce(with various levels of success) , zero point energy based anti- gravity systems since the second world war and have also sought to control or discredit people that have made accidental commercial inventions with this industry.

Trade Applications

There are no known commercial applications of zero point energy but there are many projects reaching the last phases.

One example is a patented system that employs solar cells to harness energy from electromagnetic radiation based on free energy extraction.

Domestic Applications

There are currently a number of “Do it yourself” home kits that show you the way to make your own magnetic motor generator that are thought to be based on the same or at least kindred concepts to zero point energy.

Demonstrations of these kits to date appear really promising. They are capable of serving up a lot of power and need only a small amount to “kick start” them into action, as well as some small upkeep.

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