Which bass amp combo is best for you? Ashdown vs Ampeg vs TC Electronic

Speaking frankly, without a quality bass amp combo your bass is never really going to sound very good at all. Therefore it is of utmost importance that you take your time when shopping around for a bass amp combo – there are a lot of manufacturers out there who make lacklustre bass amps which sell because of their low price tags. A top quality bass amp combo is crucial to sounding good. I am going to look at 3 of the brands who do not skimp on quality of product or sound quality of their bass amps whatsoever. Ampeg, Ashdown and TC Electronic make some of the best bass amp combos on the market, lets take a look at a bass amp from each and see which is best suited for you.


If you are a long time bass player, there is no doubt you will have come across Ashdown Engineering. They are a British amplifier manufacturer who focus primarily on building bass guitar amps. Ashdown Engineering (or simply Ashdown) are renown for their high quality bass amp combos, their ABM, EVO III and Dual Tube ranges in particular are very popular and highly thought-of.


The first thing that will strike you when you see an Ashdown bass amp is its unique appearance.  Every Ashdown bass amp is great to look at – the Austin-Healey inspired logo alone is an eye-catcher from the other side of a room. Lets take a look at the Ashdown ABM C210T-500 EVO III Bass Combo Amplifier. It is a  combination of the Ashdown ABM 500 EVO III head with a pair of 10 inch Ashdown BlueLine drivers, complete with a HF horn in a precision tuned cabinet. The Ashdown ABM EVO III is a beast, delivering 575 watts of power coming from the amp which measures in at 23 x 24 x 13 inches and weighs 83 pounds. It features 3 rotary tone controls, a footswitchable on-board compressor and a beefy Ashdown sub-harmonic generator. As expected, this is a fantastic professional bass amp by Ashdown Engineering, and the price is modest considering the quality of the build and the sound of the amp.


Ampeg specialise in bass amp combos, that is what they do. Whereas a lot of other musical instrument and equipment companies make a variety of different instruments and amplifiers, Ampeg focus solely on creating quality bass guitar amps. Due to this, many seasoned bass players turn to Ampeg for their bass amp combos. Ampegs most powerful offering is the BA-115HP. This high-powered bass combo amp delivers 220 watts of power which make sure that the bass is heard and felt. The BA-115HP is surprisingly portable, it measures in at 21x21x15.5 inches and weighs 80 pounds – it does come with sturdy handles either side, on top, and with wheels beneath so it is easy to move around when traveling and gigging.


The pedigree of the Ampeg brand is impressive to say the least. The quality of their instruments and gear is recognised by some of the best and most popular musicians in the world. Ampeg bass amps have been used by The Clash, Fleetwood Mac, AD/DC, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and many, many more. I don’t know about you but that list is one of the best brand testimonials I have ever read!


The first bass amp made by TC Electronic came out only a couple years ago. The TC Electroninc RH450 bass amp was released to much fanfare and it lived up to the hype. Although TC Electronic may not be known for their bass amps, it was evident how much effort and resources they put into their foray into bass amp manufacturing. The RH450 was a mid to high end bass amp that they decided to include in their first bass amp combo model, the TC Electronic ComboClassic.


Due to the success of the RH450 bass amp, TC Electronic  decided to further build on the quality of the amp and integrate the RH450 in their first ever bass amp combo. TC Electronic went back to work with the feedback gained from the RH450 and created the TC Electronic ComboClassic. This bass amp combo combined the RH450 with custom TC Eminence drivers and tweeter. This combination works perfectly to create a high end bass combo that delivers 450 watts of power and includes a very clever feature called Active Power Management. What this allows you to do is turn the amp up into overdrive, allowing the ComboClassic to sound more like a tube amp. Very impressive. This is the lightest of the 3 amps, weighing in at only 60 pounds.


Ashdown, Ampeg and TC Electronic are all the best at what they do, each bass amp combo in their respective ranges are of the highest quality. Unlike many product comparisons where there is a clear winner, this is one of those rare times where I have to admit that the choice is simply up to you and your preferences. The bass amp combos that these companies offer are the very best you can get at the mid to high end price points. Choose a bass amp combo that is best for you, hopefully this blog post has helped educate you somewhat on what is out there and available to buy.

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