What I've learned about most guys

Every man wants to learn how to pick up beautiful women. But most men, even some who think they’re Casanova reincarnated, totally screw it up. Before you learn how to seduce women the right way, you’re going to have to learn how to seduce women the wrong way. Here are a few of the most egregious mistakes made by wannabe players:

Using unoriginal, clichéd, worn out pickup lines.

If you’ve just started learning how to pick up beautiful women, canned material can be a great prop for building self-confidence and reassurance. As you progress, however, overused pick up lines will transform from helpful props into detrimental, limiting crutches. Stick to using personalized openers and stories, or – gasp! – just approach directly and speak your mind.


Give women a little bit of credit – they are almost always more adept at reading social situations than men are, so there’s a good chance that if you’re lying, she knows it. Skip approaches that are based on false pretenses like “I’ve never been here before…can you tell me where _____ is?” You might get away with a lie at first, but imagine how you’re going to feel (and how stupid you’re going to look) when she finally catches you!

Ignoring the physical and verbal signs that indicate a woman’s comfort zone.

A lot of men in the seduction community seem to think that if a woman rejects your advances, it’s just because she doesn’t realize what an awesome, high-value guy you are. In some cases that’s probably true, but it’s safer to live by the “No means no” rule. If she legitimately isn’t interested in you, she’ll admire you for respecting her wishes and moving on, when most guys in that situation would continue to hound her. If she actually is interested in you, leaving her will show that you’re not needy and totally alpha. In either case, she might start chasing after you!

These are just a few of the many ways in which undereducated seduction amateurs ruin social interactions. For more advice on how not to pick up women, continue on to “How To Pick Up Beautiful Women The Wrong Way: Part II.”

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