Wedding Car Checklist – Do You Know Whose Driving?

Regardless of whether you plan to hire a Bentley, Mercedes, Rolls Royce or Cab – The chauffeur will definitely be as essential as the wedding car: If they are not an experienced professional who is insured and presentable they could be the ruin of your wedding day: Just consider all the things which can go calamitously wrong if your chauffeur is NOT all these things. For a trusted company offering cheap wedding cars in Berkshire and surrounding areas check out Love Weddings operating from Buckinghamshire in the United Kingdom.

Cheap Just Might Be Costly

It is not necessary to spend a small fortune to hire a decent wedding car and a professional chauffeur: Although of course you should be ready to pay more for a classic Rolls Royce than a modern Mercedes for example. If a quotation for the same car is notably less you need to ask why – Because there is usually a reason why…

Is the car in question owned by the chauffeur? If the chauffeur or company is hiring from another company they may only have the car for a few hours. This could be catastrophic if something untoward happens – a traffic jam, or if the wedding ceremony runs into overtime for instance. Imagine! Your chauffeur leaving you in the lurch because they have to run to the next appointment: Unthinkable!

One of Many?

Equally, cheap quotes can often signal the wedding car company is booking appointments back-to-back: And so leaving zero room for hold ups and so way too much room for problems – It can certainly be worth paying the extra to secure the wedding car, in addition to a professional chauffeur for the full day.

Will your chauffeur be dressed accordingly? Invariably a professional chauffeur would dress fittingly for the occasion. If they mean to come looking like they just stepped out of a city cab it is likely they do not understand the fundamental principles of professionalism – To which you would surely do well to keep clear.

Is the car and chauffeur appropriately insured? If not and something does happen your wedding day could be ruined: Find out what the procedures are should an accident happen.

How knowledgeable is your chauffeur? Have they got advanced driving abilities? Within any service sector experience and training – a professional – will certainly cost more. However, that experience could ultimately go a long way with regards to making your wedding day faultless – Perhaps even save the day in case of an emergency.

To summarize: While it may be very tempting to just go for the lowest quote for wedding car hire – You could certainly end up regretting it.

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