Tooth ache Cure, Is That What You Are Searching for?

Having a time suffering from toothache? Toothache remedy is one way you can sort yourself out. For permanent relief you have to visit a dentist for treatment. Food can also be used as a medium to cure toothache pain.

Many foods can help you in this case. Garlic is one famous food you can use. Chew a piece of garlic if your pain is unbearable. You can gain a lot of relief after this. You can end up with breath so don’t have too much of it. Onions are also the same. Onions also have the same effect as garlic.

Kids can use vanilla extract instead of garlic and onions to treat tooth nerve pain. Vanilla extract can help your child to a major extent. They will not complaint because it doesn’t taste bad.

Liqour can also be used. It is a very old remedy, still works Your gums can be dabbed with cotton soaked in alcohol. Rinse your mouth well after you intake a shot of alcohol instead of dabbing alcohol with cotton.

You can help yourself a lot by distracting yourself. Ice is also a remedy which can be held against your skin. You will give the pain less importance when your rubbing ice. It is proved to beeffective and simple to carry out.

But these solutions will only give you temporary toothache pain relief. To gain permanent recovery you have to consult a dentist. You can help yourself only up to a certain extent with toothache remedy.

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