Tips On How To Deal With Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is a common problem among many people. People turn to food as a means for comfort when they are feeling sad, lonely, bored, angry, or even stressed. Doing so, however, then leaves them feeling guilty for eating a lot. If this sounds like you, then here are a few tips that can help you deal with this.

The first thing you want to do is find someone whom you can confide in. Instead of turning to food as your source of comfort look for a friend or trusted person whom you can talk to. This will help you express the emotions you are feeling, and find a way to cope with them. Talking to someone will help avoid turning to food all the time. Anytime you are feeling down, your instinct will then tell you to call on that person, instead of calling on food.

You should avoid eating in bed or even on the couch. You want to make it a routine to eat all your meals and snacks at the kitchen table. Avoid sitting in front of the television when you are going to eat. Doing so will cause you to neglect the cues your body gives you that it is full.

One thing that should be done is to eat the food slowly. If you eat too fast, then you tend to overeat past the point of being full. This is because you did not give your body enough time to warn or alert you that it is full. Chewing the food slowly lets you enjoy it more and you know before overeating that you are full.

You must first begin to identify if what you are feeling is a physical or emotional hunger. You must not avoid eating food altogether. You still have to eat food to stay healthy, however the key is not to overdo it.

These are a few tips which can help you stop the emotional eating. The key is to learn to identify your emotions and what is causing them. Find out if it is work, your spouse, or even a child, so that you may figure out a better way to deal with these emotions.

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