Sprinting Workout for a Butt Like Alenka Bikar

Alenka Bikar Has A Butt to Die For

Ok so I know by now that you know the sprinter Alenka Bikar. That fact is that she is more famous for her butt then she is for sprinting. Alenka was born on January 7, 1979 in Ljubljana and is a retired female sprinter who ran the 200 meters. If I can recall correctly she only finished first place once and that was in 2005 at the Mediterranean games however she is very popular.

Google Alenka Bikar

If you googled her, the first thing you will notice is pictures of her or something related to her nicely toned butt. Although she doesn’t get mentioned much about how well she does sprinting she sure does get television time for having a better butt then most women.

How Does She Get A Butt Like That

Many will have you thinking its genetics or some special butt exercise but the fact is that it all has to do with her training routine. If you don’t believe me look at most of the sprinters and look at how nice and firm their butts are. Because of the way they train most female sprinters like Alenka Bikar have some of the nicest butts around and are in some of the best physical shape.

So You Want Alenka’s Butt

If you don’t already have a nice butt or simply want to improve on the one you have then you need to add this butt exercise to your cardio routine at least 2-3 times per week. This isn’t a long workout but it is intense and you will feel it the next morning if done properly. What I want you to do is go to a track and walk or jog around the track for about two laps.

This will get your muscles warmed-up so that you can do a sprint workout. I want you to sprint as fast as you can for about 100 meters and then walk back to your starting point. Do these 5-6 times followed by a cool down of walking around the track. The next day I promise you it will feel like muscles are sore you didn’t even know existed and you will be on your way to thighs and a butt like Alenka Bikar.

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