Setting Up A Home Gym On A Budget

Implementing your garage gym doesn’t really have to break your budget.

In this article you’re about to discover that fancy machines and expensive equipment isn’t necessary for a good quality home gym set up.  Actuallyyou can have a quality workout without spending too much.Remember Rocky’ s set up when he was training in Russia.  It doesn’t take much to set up a garage gym and get a great workout.


Listed in this article are the most important pieces of equipment needed to set up a home gym.

If you’re looking to work out solely on machines this list isn’t for you. The items listed are more for those looking to add more muscle.  You’ll be finding any universal machines or any cardio equipment on this list.  

What You Need To Setup A Garage Gym

  If cash is tight you can get away with just these 3 items. With these 3 items you have enough to get a killer full body workout in.

With these first 3 pieces of equipment on the list you will be able to gain muscle and flatten your stomach.


 1. Bars

The barbell is the 1st piece of essential equipment you’re going to need to get. Muscle building focuses on barbell workouts.

  Because that’s the best way to build lean muscle mass.

Be sure to look for a good quality Olympic bar. This will run you a few more dollars but well worth the investment. A quality barbell is something you will have forever. And is made to dropped with bumper plates.

You pick up a training bar it won’t be as expensive as the competition bar, but will get the job done just as well.


2nd – Weight Plates

Your bar is going to need some weight, so this is the next step. Your best option is to find bumper plates. If you wonder what bumper plates are, they’re the big rubber plates designed to be dropped. If you haven’t seen these before they are the big fat rubber weights used by Olympic lifters. They’re going to be times when you drop the weight so bumper plates make a good alternative to traditional metal plates.

  It is hard to say how much you will need, that all depends on your strength and how many different people workout at one time.

To save  a  little money get a mix of both metal and bumper plates.

Rubber Plates

4 – 45lbs bumper plates

4 – 25lbs bumper plates


Iron Plates

4 – 10 pounds metal plates

2 – 2.5 pounds metal plates

2 – 1.25 pounds metal plates


Don’t waste your money on 35lbs plates.


Third. – Flooring

 The last thing you have to think about is flooring. You don’t need to buy any fancy flooring.  Your best bet is horse stall mats and plywood. Those mats are sturdy as they come. They will withstand anything you have to throw at them.

Get yourself a boom box, have a diet of healthy muscle building meals plus the equipment from the list above and you have your self a quality home gym where you can really build lean muscle mass.


  Congratulations, you now have the home gym. This is all you really need to get started. To get going you really don’t need anything more than this. You really don’t need too much more, but for a variety and when finances become available feel free to add more items.

  Feel free to add in some body weight exercises

  If you’re interested in adding anything else to use home gym set up visit the blog below…

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