Quality Tips For A Bodyweight Workout Routine

Reverse Abdominal Crunches. Six pack abs here we come. Instead of moving your head towards your legs in the basic abdominal crunch, you will be moving your legs towards your head. Lie flat on your back as though you are about to do a regular crunch, but with you arms on the floor in front of you and out to the side. Raise your legs in the air for the starting position. Then for this 6 pack abdominal exercise, move your legs towards your body at the same time that you raise your shoulder blades a few inches off the ground. This version of the ab crunch will give your abs a nice deep stretch and really work that midsection at a deeper level than a basic flat crunch.

Here are some more exercises for your daily bodyweight training schedule

Hopping Planks. For the standard plank you hold a position that is effectively the push-up in its top position (before you lower yourself) but instead of supporting yourself with your palms on the floor you support yourself with your forearms on the floor. Make sure your back is flat. With a hopping plank you hop your legs from side to side every 1-2 seconds. So first of all you will swing your legs 30 degrees to the left, and then hold, then back to the starting position, and hold, and then swign them 30 degrees to the right and hold. Hopping planks are a killer but well worth the effort!

Isometric push-ups. An isometric push-up is basically where you statically hold the push-up position for around 30 seconds. So get into the push-up position and lower yourself halfway. Then hold this position for 30 seconds. It is almost like a stretch, but is called an isometric hold. You can also perform the pushup isometric hold during the top or bottom of the exercise.

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