Ninjutsu & self defence classes in Melbourne, Perth, and rural Victoria Call and speak with an instructor today VIC: 0419 367 505 WA: 0413 393 842 Ninjutsu is a unique form of martial arts Kevin Hawthorne Ninja Schools offers ninjutsu self defence and martial art classes throughout Melbourne, Perth, and country Victoria. We invite people of all ages, children and adults, to find their local club and learn ninjutsu today. What you learn When studying Ninjutsu you will learn many aspects of unarmed combat and self defense including: •Escapes •Anti Bullying Techniques •Home Invasion Survival Techniques •Throws & Takedowns •Sweeps •Break Falls •Kicks •Punches •Strikes •Blocks •Locks •Holds .As well as ground defense and grappling, students will also learn single and multiple person attacker sparring, with and without a weapon. Ninjutsu is a traditional style martial art incorporating modern day applications. Weapons When studying Kyu Shin Ryu Ninjutsu you will learn a wide range of Ninja weapons. As many traditional Ninja weapons are now illegal, we teach with foam, rubber or wooden replica’s. Some weapons students will learn are: •Sword •Tonfa •Nunchuku •Staff / Bo •Ninja Stars As well as learning the use of a variety of traditional weapons, students will also learn self defense against weapons such as kivies and broken bottles. Camouflage & Stealth When studying Ninjutsu, students will learn all aspects of bush survival. This includes camoflage, silent movement, bushcraft

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