Mercury Free Dentistry

mercury-freeIn an era when the use of most mercury-containing substances and mercurial medical devices ( mercury thermometers, mercurial diuretics, mercurial wound disinfectants ) has been discontinued and the general public is advised to be concerned about mercury exposure through fish and seafood consumption, it is surprising if not worrisome that the Australian Dental Association continues to claim that amalgam is “a safe, valuable and viable choice for dental patients”.

The proven truth is that dental amalgam is the single greatest source of mercury to the general population, a fact acknowledged even by the World Health Organization (WHO). In Criteria 118, published by the WHO in 1991, the figures representing the amount of mercury ingested by the population from dental amalgam on an average daily intake were decidedly alarming: 3 -17 mcg/day, as opposed to 2.3 mcg/day from fish and seafood, 0.3 mcg/day from other foods and 0 mcg/day from water and air. In 2003, the WHO revised Criteria 118 and reaffirmed that the predominant source of human exposure to elemental mercury is from amalgam fillings, but this time the figure for dental amalgam was raised to 27 mcg/day, ten times greater than all other dietary sources of mercury combined.

In the risk assessment of exposure to mercury from silver amalgam fillings that was commissioned by the National Health & Medical Research Council of Australia, dental amalgam removal has been shown to be ”effective in reducing mercury levels to the levels of those in people without amalgam fillings”. By choosing mercury free dentistry Australia-based individuals and their families can effectively improve their overall health, because removing the predominant source of mercury into their bodies will considerably decrease the body burden of mercury.

The International Academy of Oral Health & Toxicology (IAOHT) has expressed its concerns about the anecdotal claims of safety made by amalgam manufacturers from dental associations in spite of scientific evidence clearly suggesting that all mercury fillings release substantial amounts of mercury constantly. A highly toxic heavy metal, mercury leaks from amalgam fillings in the forms of metallic mercury vapour, mercury ions and elemental mercury.

The mercury vapor that is emitted by both old and new amalgam fillings is inhaled into the lungs and absorbed at a rate of 80%. Extensive research has also shown that the amount of mercury vapour increases with any kind of stimulation, especially friction, heat and acidity. In other words, masticating, brushing your teeth, grinding your teeth, drinking hot coffee and acidic beverages, chewing gum ( even nicotine gum) and undergoing professional dental cleaning, all cause the mercury to continue to leak out of the amalgam fillings for minimum one hour and a half!

Constant exposure to mercury from silver amalgam fillings has been associated with a significantly increased risk of respiratory, digestive and reproductive system disorders, chronic kidney disease, central nervous system dysfunction ( including exacerbation of pre-existent degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis) as well as carcinogenicity. Scientific evidence also suggests a four-fold increase in the amount of mercury released from amalgam fillings when in the presence of gold in one’s mouth. In the top 20 most hazardous substances list compiled by the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, mercury ranks 3rd after arsenic and lead and throughout the world, dental amalgam is regarded as a highly toxic waste product, considerably more toxic even than asbestos.

According to several scientific studies ( including Hahn’s renowned sheep and monkey studies), mercury is a multi-potent toxin that affects multiple levels of the biochemical dynamics of the cell in as little as 2 to 3 weeks. Mercury was found to be detectable even in the mitochondria ( organelles inside cells) whose role is to supply cellular energy, causing mitochondrial damage. A major sign of mitochondrial damage is chronic fatigue; having one’s silver amalgam fillings removed carefully and safely by a trusted and experienced holistic mercury-free dentist is a key part of the treatment for chronic fatigue. In addition, recent research shows that autism, especially in children is linked to mitochondrial damage.

Dental amalgam must be considered an incompatible and unacceptable material for dental restoration, especially when safer and fully adequate alternatives such as composite ( tooth-coloured) fillings are available for the general population. The amount of mercury in so-called amalgam fillings is anything but insignificant. In fact, this amount is 1000 times higher than the Environmental Protection Agency will allow for the air that we breathe. This should be of concern to any health-conscious Australian who needs dental restoration. By wisely relying on mercury free dentistry Australia-based patients are given the opportunity to avail excellent restorative dentistry employing bio-compatible, mercury-safe materials such as composites that are just as durable as silver amalgam fillings yet pose no health risks whatsoever.

When looking for a holistic, mercury-free dental practice specialized in safe mercury amalgam removals and bio-compatible change overs, it is essential to take into consideration key factors such as experience, reputation, reliability, qualifications and dedication to patient education and to make sure it follows safer amalgam removal protocols. The manner in which dentists operate their dental equipment has a tremendous impact on the amount of mercury released from amalgam fillings. For instance, drilling on mercury high dry will cause both the patient and the dentist to be exposed to dangerously high concentrations of mercury vapour ( as high as 4,000 mcg/m3). By following the IAOHT protocols, Friendly Smiles Dental is committed to make dental amalgam removal a safer procedure for each individual as well as its staff.

Specialized in mercury free dentistry Australia, Brisbane based Friendly Smiles Dental ensures a safe, comfortable and pleasant dental experience for each of their esteemed patients. Dr. Tom Trevethan studied mercury free dentistry with Dr. Hal Huggins ( who authored ”Toxic Time Bomb” about the toxicity of mercury from amalgam fillings), has more than three decades of experience removing silver amalgam mercury fillings safely and carefully and is fully qualified to provide safe mercury filling removals. Dr. Trevethan is also an active member of the International Academy of Oral Health & Toxicology.

As emphasized in a IAOHT report, the level of mercury in liver, brain, lung and kidney tissue of newborns, toddlers and children is directly proportional to the number of silver amalgam mercury fillings in the mother’s mouth. This is why any woman who is pregnant or planning pregnancy should consider having her amalgam fillings safely removed. By choosing mercury free dentistry Australia-based mommies-to-be can effectively eliminate the unnecessary risk of birth defects associated with exposure to mercury and protect the health of their unborn babies.

If you have any questions or concerns, wish to learn more about the health risks associated with amalgam mercury fillings or want to book a consultation with Dr. Tom Trevethan to have your amalgam fillings safely removed and replaced with bio-compatible materials, do not hesitate to call Friendly Smiles Dental at 07 3397 0610. When choosing mercury free dentistry Australia-based patients can look forward to the smartest decision in terms of the overall health of themselves and their families.


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