Lymphedema Massage For Lymphedema Treatment


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Lymphoedema is a condition where the lymphatic system does not function well causing the fluids to accumulate at one place, giving rise to a swelling. It is treated by a method known as Complete Decongestive Therapy that consists of a massage, compression bandaging and exercise. The lymphedema massage is quite different from the traditional massage. It is thought to be the best treatment for lymphedema as it gives positive results.

Lymphedema massage as a form of lymphedema treatment is highly effective.

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MLD or manual lymph drainage has been a consistant lymphedema treatment which has had positive affects in reducing lymphedema swellings

A lymphedema massage helps to stimulate stagnant lymph fluid which otherwise would simply buildup and become full of toxic waste.

There are a number of lymphedema therapists across the country who specialise in lymphedema massages but the cost casn be a major problem.

If there is no insurance involved, the cost of a lymphedema massage course can run in to large sums and therefore is not affordable for every lymphedema sufferer.

The best advice can be to learn how to perform self lymphedema massages for maintenance purposes, then fewer visits will be needed to a lymphedema therapist.

In a person suffering from lymphedema, the lymph system is damaged and is not in a position to drain the excess protein-rich fluids. The transportation capacity of the damaged lymphatic system has fallen and it is unable to process the fluid volume generated by the body. A conventional massage will increase the blood flow (also known as Hyperemia) which in turn increases the volume of water that the lymphatic system must drain. In case of a lymphedema sufferer, a normal massage will have negative effects as the excess fluid generated cannot be drained by the already weak lymphatic system, which may result in a swelling. The lymphedema massage on the other hand, aims to move away the excess fluids to reduce swelling.

Lymphedema pumps are also used in lymphedema treatment aspecially for a lymphedema leg or arm but are not always suitable for the patient.

There are a number of lymphedema products available and each should be suited to the patients needs.

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