Looking At Reasons For Darvocet Lawsuits

Darvon (Tylenol) is acetaminophen and well known to people throughout the world. Manufactured by Eli Lilly and company it has been on the market for over 50 years. Lilly later combined acetaminophen with propoxyphene and it became known as Darvocet. Currently there are a number of Darvocet lawsuits, which have been or are being filed.

Acetaminophen is a mild drug but when combined with propoxyphene it becomes dangerous. This combination is part of a group called narcotic pain relievers. When purchasing this prescription the warning label says it can become habit forming.

There were numerous other cautions with this drug as well. These included warnings regarding not using with any MAO inhibitor. It also directed people who had intestinal disorders and other health problems to check with their doctor before taking the medication. The subject of possible heart problems was not mentioned.

Requests to the FDA to withdraw this drug from the market date back to 1978. The FDA panel, however, felt that the benefits outweighed the drug’s side effects so nothing was done. Recent study data has proven that propoxyphene has an adverse effect on the heart regarding its regular activity and can cause heart attacks and even deaths.

In November of 2010 this drug was recalled because of this data. At this time, FDA stated that any painkiller containing propoxyphene poses a risk to the consumer. Darvocet was provided by a physician’s prescription, was in tablet, liquid or capsule form, and sold to millions of people throughout the country. Heart related problems, caused by this medication, are the basis of the lawsuits being filed.

The consumer watchdog group, Public Citizen, is suing the FDA because they ignored their petition, filed in 2006, to remove the drug from consumer use. The data provided at that time showed over 2,000 deaths caused by this drug. It was not until over four years later that the drug was finally recalled. Unfortunately, this was after a tremendous amount of damage was done.

Many of the deaths, heart attacks and other problems occurred because the drug converts into metabolite, which is very toxic to one’s heart. This lingers longer than the original dosage and decreases the ability of the heart to operate normally. This is reflected in slowed heartbeats and inability of the heart to handle its electrical impulses. People who have suffered from these heart problems or have had a family death are the ones who are involved in these lawsuits.

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