IPL verses Laser Hair Removal

When constrasting laser hair removal to IPL hair removal there are a few variables to consider including the effectiveness or outcomes, experience and qualifications required and the target chromophore within the skin.

The wavelength of light used decides how deep the light or laser energy penetrates into the skin therefore changing whatever structures lie in that particular layer. IPL or Intense Pulsed Light, as it is multiple wavelengths is more suited for treating multiple skin conditions such as pigmentation, capillaries and sun damage which lie in a similar superficial zone within the skin. A hair removal laser (such as the Alexandrite) and its single or targeted wavelength is more suited to the melanin residing within the base of the hair follicle, effectively killing the cells created for growing another hair.

Licensed laser operators must hold a certificate qualification which is achieved by a theoretical exam in addition to a minimum number of hours logged using the laser hair removal technology. IPL on the other hand requires no such qualification and many can in fact be purchased quite cheaply leading to a large number of unqualified operators incorrectly using the technology in an unskilled manner. This can lead to permanent side effects such as burning, scarring and discolouration in the skin.

Laser is often less painful than IPL, doesn’t require messy ultrasound gels and generally requires much less treatment to achieve the desired hair removal result. IPL can sometimes have larger spot sizes than laser but often lasers have a faster repetition rate which allows a higher number pulses to be fired off in a shorter time frame.

This means shorter treatment periods.
Both laser and intense pulsed light have their place within the cosmetics industry but when it comes to permanent hair reduction, laser hair removal is the gold standard, especially when taking into account the improved safety and effectiveness of the technology.

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