How to Pick Out a Stormtrooper Costume

The Stormtrooper costume is just one costume that has been around for a long time and is probably always going to be popular. That’s true of anything connected with Star Wars, as these films have proven to have enduring appeal. People enjoy dressing up as both the heroes and villains of this series, and the stormtrooper costume is one that can make you feel like a well armed soldier of Darth Vader’s Empire.

When you buy (or make) a Stormtrooper costume, pay particular attention to the helmet. This will often be the first thing people notice about your costume, and it helps to readily identify you as a stormtrooper. Obviously, the larger your budget for your costume, the better helmet you will be able to buy. It’s not that hard to find authentic looking replica helmets on the Internet if you’re determined to find the one that will really help you get into your role. If you’re making your own costume, you’ll have to remember that you don’t only need a helmet to cover your head, but your face has to be covered as well. Part of what makes the Stormtroopers seem sinister is that the totally lack individuality due to the armor that covers their whole bodies. This means that when you want people to really believe that you are a Stormtrooper, you should make sure that your mask or helmet offers you the right appearance.

If you’re a fan of the Star Wars franchise, you know that there is more than one sort of Stormtrooper. Even though most of the Stormtroopers dress in white, there are also some called Shadow Troopers who are dressed in black.

This is for cloaking purposes, and allows the shadow troopers to operate like ninjas, where they can easily hide or sneak up on their enemies. Sometimes the Shadow Trooper costume is a more fun choice because they are even more sinister and fun to play than the ordinary Stormtroopers. You can usually find the black Stormtrooper costumes next to the white costumes or you can choose to make your own, getting your inspiration from photos or from

There are a lot of opportunities to wear a Stormtrooper costume–more opportunities than you have to wear other kinds of costumes. That’s because Star Wars is so popular that it has whole events, not just products and accessories. It’s also spawned big conventions and other group organizations where people want to dress up as their favorite characters from the franchise. You can also organize your own Star Wars parties, where everyone can really get into their roles. It might also be fun to decorate your home or a room with props and decorations that remind people of the movie. Buying a Stormtrooper costume of your own gives you the ability to take part in the Star Wars experience whenever you think it is fun to do so.

The Star Wars franchise shows no signs of slowing down or fading away and the costumes form these movies are always going to be popular. There are some who only want to play heroes but the villains need to be represented too and the Stormtroopers play a major role in the overall story of the series. So put these hints and tips to work so that you can find a really great Stormtrooper costume. Know how to design a movie poster? Check out Talenthouse!

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