How to choose a Hebrew Course


if you are learn to speak Hebrew from home then you are more than likely going to be doing this through an online course or through a DIY home study program but finding one that is good and that also suits your needs and how you want to learn can be hard. Hebrew is certainly not what I would consider a hard language to learn but it is very different than learning a language such as French and Spanish and as such the learning process is a little more involved so it is important that you ask yourself a few questions before you choose a Hebrew course or program.

Learn to speak Hebrew – What does a good course / program look like?

The Hebrew course or program you choose should be well laid out with easy and intuitive steps or lessons, a top course / program should also use a mixed approach to learning all the top Hebrew courses will use a similar approach which employ the use of images, video, Audio that will help you build vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation as you learn. The best Hebrew courses be it online or software should have easy to use interfaces and have a range of tools and resources that not only teach you the language but also help you to retain what you have learned, while the use of Images, Video and Audio are essential in any modern Hebrew course it is important that they are used in the right way for maximum impact, many of these top courses will also offer a trial period or free lessons so you can check out how their approach and method of teaching.

Learn to speak Hebrew – How much can you afford?

There are some options available if you want to learn to speak Hebrew but of the free resources I think that Language exchange sites are the best as you get a more structured approach to learning than you would with some of the online Hebrew knowledge base portals. Language exchange sites are basically community based sites where you will find people from all over the planet looking to learn a language, the premise is that if you want to learn to speak Hebrew and your native tongue is English then you can find someone in the community that is a native Hebrew speaker that is looking to learn English, you get the picture. As I have mentioned before with such sites your ability to learn to speak Hebrew is reliant on the teaching strengths of the person that you are learning from and remember these are not professional Hebrew teachers, for me this way of learning Hebrew is a little disjointed and will only take you so far, you will need to be committed and very well organized to get the most out of such an approach.

Of the paid resources available there are some excellent options be it through an online course such which use virtual teachers or a home study program like. Courses vary in price and and what they offer in relation to course application and content, you can pay as little $90 for a full Hebrew home study program which will take you from a beginners to an advanced level (With a-lot of work), you can also avail of online Hebrew courses that use virtual teachers and classrooms, such courses are generally a-lot more expensive with some costing over $800 but they are usually an academic year in length and provide you with the closest you will come to a real flesh and blood Hebrew teacher, while such prices may seem high believe me they are not when you compare them to paying for an actual Hebrew teacher. I was paying over $160 per month for private Hebrew lessons which were nowhere near as good as some of the online virtual courses that are now available.

Where can I learn Hebrew? – How do I choose the right Hebrew course or Program for me?

When learning anything you need to understand how you learn best and what methods best suit you it is important to remember that not everybody learns and retains information the same way and this brings us back to the type of approach a course or program uses to teach, the mixed approach is certainly the most natural way to learn and a course that offers a good balance of Image, Video, Audio plus good retention methods and tools should suit most people.

You also have to consider the level of Hebrew you want achieve, maybe you are just going to Israel on holiday and you want to learn the basics, how to get around, maybe you are living / moving to Israel and you want to learn Hebrew to a proficient or advanced level, whatever the reason this should dictate the type of course or program you choose.

Time, time for me is the one of the biggest factors that you must consider, most of us live busy lives and the amount of time we can actually dedicate to learning or studying Hebrew maybe limited, it is important that you are realistic about the amount of time you have available and the commitment that you can give. If you find it hard to schedule definite times in which you can study then a home study software based program is your best option as you can choose to learn at you own pace in your own time, but the level you get to will be totally dependent on your time, commitment and ability to learn on your own. If you have time and money and want to learn to speak Hebrew to an advanced level but in a more structured, scheduled environment then an online course will probably suit you better, you have scheduled times for classes, you can learn with other students through virtual classrooms and you also get 1-1 time with professional Hebrew teachers and as I said earlier most of these courses will be an academic year.

when you have decided on how you want to learn to speak Hebrew the next stage is the 

actual learning of the language…….. Over to you!

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