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Music is a viable form of expression – of feelings and also attitudes. Various types of music provide different expressions, so you can select what suits you most likely. Hard rock or heavy metal music carries the form of expression to various extremes.

Thrash – The essential element of thrash metal is SPEED! Thrash music is known for being amazingly fast paced, and as such might not be the best option for beginner musicians. Search for bands like Metallica, Megadeth and Testament for fabulous thrash songs.

Axe Survival Guide – Guideline 1 (Chord Vibrato) I wanna provide you with a free video to get you started with some metal chords. If you watch and listen to metal guitarists when they strike a chord, rather than only letting the chord ring out flat at the end, they often vibrate the stings by quickly bending them, know as vibrato. This is the same as doing a vibrato on a single note, even so you only need to try and bend both of the strings at the equal rate. Practice doing this with one note and then move to two.

Axe Survival Guide – Tip 2 (Tremelo Picking) Tremolo picking is a vital skill in the genre of heavy metal music, including black metal. Although you can read instructions on tremolo picking at several places, the simplest way to learn is thru professionally designed lessons provided on CDs and DVDs.

Axe Survival Guide – Method 3 (Rhythm for Speed) This guideline was something I wish I had performed from day 1, but didn’t recognize the significance until much later, is playing to a rhythm or beat. This is important because A) it will show you about keeping in time which is essential if you wish to perform in a band and B) it’s a good way of boosting your primary speed with chords and scales. The simplest way is to use a metronome which you can purchase or can use for free on the internet. Set the metronome to a very slow rate at first, and practice moving from one chord to another at some point with the clicks.

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