Cool Gift Ideas for Guys

Why are men so hard to buy gifts for?

Unlike buying gifts for her female friends, many girls really struggle with buying presents for their man friends, relations or partners. – Whether its for your brother, husband or your boss choosing a gift for a man is often about as easy as pulling teeth, so here’s a few basic rules.

Gifts men do like.

1. Gadgets

If it beeps, flashes or comes with an instruction manual the size of your head, odds are it is a great gift for a man. If it beeps AND flashes and none of the guys he works with have one yet, its probably the best gift he has ever got.

2. Booze

Whether he is a boozer or connoisseur of fine wines or whiskeys, show me the man who does not appreciate a gift with a high alcohol content and I will show you a one man minority.

3. Bar-B-Qs

Even if 364 days a year he shows no interest in the kitchen, light a bit of charcoal and see him metamorphise into a cooking tongs wielding cave man. Anything associated with bar-b-qs is a sure fire winner.

The only thing he may have in common with Jamie Oliver is that he once ate in one of his restaurants, but that will not stop him thinking he is a culinary king.

Gifts men dont like:

1. Socks

Socks are only acceptable as a gift under exceptional circumstances and then only if they are the most exceptional, exquisite socks known to man.

2. Dodgy Aftershave

I dont care how clever their advertising campaign is, no-one wants to smell/ stink of Old Spice. Leave it in the 70s where it belongs and buy the man in your life a proper gift!

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