Availability of WordPress Help One of the Reasons Why It Is So Popular

Unlike many things branded as free but having some complicated conditions, WordPress is truly free. When you browse the internet, you will find thousands of products being peddled as free but when you try to sign up, you realize only the trial version is free. With WordPress, however, there are no such conditions; you get to use it free forever. This is one of the best open source applications available today. Best of all, getting WordPress help is very easy since so many people support it.

The ease with which plugins can be implemented in WordPress is amazing. With these plugins, you can add things like maps, shopping carts, photo galleries and may more. There are thousands of plugins to be found at a one-click install directory specifically made for WordPress. Everyday there are new plugins being developed for this platform.

Those who have edited their WordPress pages appreciate how easy this is with the visual editor. Indeed, it is possible that if it had not been made so user friendly, WordPress would not have become so popular by now. As it is, however, the content management system of WordPress is so spectacular you require almost no training to handle it.

WordPress really started as a blogging platform. Overtime, however, it has grown to be applicable in many other areas. Most businesses and even individuals today use it for their websites. The great CMS functionality is one of the reasons why WordPress makes such a good website platform. However, it is still a good blogging tool even today.

Not only is WordPress easy to install, it is also easy to update and maintain. The security updates are easy to install and you will usually need only a few minutes to do it. As usual, however, it is advisable to back up your site before installing any update. This is a precautionary measure in case something goes wrong during the update.

WordPress is very business friendly. Most small businesses crave great search engine optimization tools, something which is readily available in WordPress. Updating WordPress content is very simple and straightforward, the greatest advantage being that you do not have to learn HTML to do it. Since it is something you can do on your own, you have no need to contact your webmaster for assistance on updates.

As hinted above, support for WordPress is very widespread. In case you have a problem with your site, there are thousands of people who are willing to help you solve it. Aside from that, most of the help is already available online. This means most of your difficulties will be solved without any monetary expenditure on your part.

The available base of WordPress help is very big, and it is continuing to grow. WordPress code is fully compliant with the standard of the web, something which guarantees forward compatibility with future developments. In addition to that, it also operates seamlessly with the browsers available today. There are many businesses operating today and growing as a result of the functionalities of WordPress.

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