Apartments Use Security Locking Mail Boxes

If you reside in an apartment, you probably know most apartments have cluster mail boxes where everybody’s mail is delivered into their own secured mini mailbox. Generally, boxes are usually installed inside of a part of the structure. Depending on the number of units it has to serve the mail box unit could take up a considerable part of any wall. Of course, not all apartment mailboxes are inside.

Letter carriers should be sure all mail is delivered into each person’s mailbox. But, it would take them a long time to open each mini mail box individually and deliver the mail. What they have available is a single large opening, that usually opens at the back of the unit through a master door, which allows them permission to access all of the specific mail boxes at one time. They simply open the main door and can view all the insides of all mail boxes there. Following that they can put the mail directly into each box individually. Bigger items which do not fit into this area may be shipped to the apartment doorway of the recipient or, in some cases, simply left on the floor in front of the property mailbox.

A lot of apartment mail boxes also have a slot through which residents can place their outgoing mail. This provides security for the outgoing mail and can make it available only to the letter carrier. Without this type of access, the outward bound mail is left in plain view of anybody passing by, allowing it to be subject to theft or just being lost in the mail. If you have to rely on this kind of outgoing mail method, it is best to take your outward bound mail to the post office yourself.

Lots of apartment buildings do not house their mail boxes inside and as an alternative leave them outside of the building. You could have seen a long line of mail boxes mounted on a post or other sort of structure with a single-key fastener accessible in the back of each mailbox, via which the letter carrier puts the incoming mail. Some of the other designs have a locking box that will require a key from the tenant. Others can have no fastener at all, leaving the mail open to theft or vandalism.

Many of the first locking mailboxes were created for apartment living. Present day homeowners may also be seeking locking mail boxes for single home dwellings, however apartments have always received the advantages of having a locking mailbox. The locking mailboxes help with keeping the mail from being stolen or looked at by next door neighbors or criminals who are seeking to steal mail or personal information. Since apartment communities house a variety of people, it is necessary the locking mail boxes they use are secure and of high quality.

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