5 Weight Loss Tips to Drop the Pounds Faster

In order to lose weight quickly and in a healthy manner, it’s important that you change your lifestyle, not just go on a short-term diet. Here are five great tips you can use to improve your lifestyle and drop those pounds faster.

1. Stay away from buffets. A recent study showed that the more choices you have, the more you’ll consume — simply because the food is available.

2. Get enough calcium. A study from Creighton University examined the effects of calcium on weight loss and found that women who got 1,000 mg of calcium each day actually weighed about 20 lbs less than the other women. Be careful, though: if you use dairy products to get calcium, be sure they are the low-fat or no-fat variety or it will backfire on you.

3. Write it down (honestly). Keeping a food diary lets you see exactly how much you’re consuming each day so that you can make adjustments where needed. That’s great, but if you fudge the truth and write down less than you’re actually eating it won’t help you. A recent study showed that women who were keeping a food diary were actually recording about 1,000 calories less than they were actually consuming.

4. Put it in a glass (or bowl or cup, etc.). Don’t drink liquids straight out of the container, and don’t eat snacks out of the box. Measure what you eat and drink to ensure proper portion control.

5. Bulky clothes only make you look bulky. Don’t try to mask your weight by wearing clothes that are too big for you. It has the opposite effect.

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