5 Key Things You Should Know About Debt

5 Things You Need to Know About Debt

These days everyone is looking for ways to reduce debt and save money. It is quite possible to eliminate a person’s active financial debt and also figure out how to enjoy life within your means.  Here are five tips that will help you on your way to debt free living: There’s more about this kind of topic here: click here

1. Stop using credit cards. One of the leading factors in the current economic crisis is people buying things on credit they cannot afford. The next thing they know, they find themselves unable to do anything more than make minimum monthly payments.

* Minimum payments will keep you in debt because every month interest continues to accrue on your original balance. A $1,000 balance on a typical credit card can take 22 years to pay off if you make only the minimum monthly payments!

Avoid debt traps as if they’re death traps, instead. If you use cash (how old-fashioned, but sensible!), to buy the things you want, you can avoid the trap in the first place. Big item to buy? Save up. It’s what people used to do and it never hurt anyone. Make it a rule to buy what you can afford and only bring it home when you can pay for it.

2. Buy luxury items with cash. Everyone wants some goodies in their life, right? Well going into debt for them is a fool’s game. It’s damaging to your future self. You’ll get much greater enjoyment from the extras in your daily life when you pay cash, rather than ongoing monthly payments.

After all, paying month after month after month for a “toy” that is now out of date and out of fashion is not fun – it’s just a pain.

3. When you make your budgets (you do make budgets, right?), don’t forget to allow for debt repayment. The first step in gaining control over your debt is creating a workable budget. Rather than stifling you, a budget can bring you freedom! When you know how your income is used you can concentrate on the important things. A spending plan is a great tool for making sure you get the important stuff.

Any sensible budget really needs to take into consideration your choice of lifestyle, to include such items as: food, housing, your every day household items, utilities, savings, recreation and debt repayment.

That includes debt repayment! Take control of your financial reality by working with a realistic budget every month. Before long, you’ll see your debt diminishing while your savings grow.

4. Seek the help of a professional credit counselor, accountant or financial planner. A professional can help you make the right choices.

Such experts can help you when it comes to savings, tax deductions and other such areas. Implement each of these areas into your finances to eliminate financial strain and secure a stable financial future.

5. Surprisingly, not many people know that you can negotiate with your bank or lender to get a better rate. Some may say no, but they won’t say yes unless you ask them first, so get asking. Interest rates can be negotiated, although it’s better to try to do that before you get into trouble, so that your bargaining power is higher.

* Talk to the people at your financial institutions. You may be surprised at how willing they are to budge.

* If your credit is in good shape or you’ve made steady, progressive strides to improve it, you may be able to get lower interest rates on your debts.

Although less likely right now, you might even be able to get a slightly better savings rate and that can move you closer to the point where your finances are healthier.

Debt repair is a big subject, but a lot of people can do something to improve their standing. These five steps will point you in the right direction and get you started on a new path to financial freedom and prosperity!

This article and website do not offer financial advice. Before doing anything that affects your financial position you should discuss it with your bank, attorney, or other professional advisor. No statement in this article is intended to advise you, since your personal circumstances are beyond our knowledge.


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